Setting Up An Outlook Email Account

An email account is a free, personal email service provided to you by Microsoft, the same people who brought you Windows. was originally launched in July 31, 2012 when its beta version was made accessible to the general public. Current Hotmail customers were allowed free upgrade to the preview version of and downgrade back. went away from the preview stage on February 18, 2013. Based on Microsoft’s input, the upgrade was released on April 3, 2013. The user kept their current Hotmail accounts and had the option of having an email address. Since May 2013, had active users of 400 million.

Just like other major webmail services, Ajax programming techniques is used by Outlook and supports more recent versions of Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Safari. A couple of the features of Outlook are the keyboard controls offering the capability to the user to go inside the page without utilizing a mouse, the capability to look for messages that includes query syntax that is structured like “from: eBay,” organization of messages through folders, message filters, when writing a message the contact addresses are auto completed, grouping of contacts, exporting and importing of contacts like rich text formatting, CSV files, rich text signatures, virus scanning, and spam filtering, multiple addresses support, and a lot of language versions.

In order to receive a Office 365 Outlook email that is free, you would need a mobile device with connection to the Internet or a desktop computer or laptop that has a web browser program.

One of the central benefits of an Outlook email login is it is accessible in any and all Internet browsers. In addition, it is utilized as a login for online accounts, whether it may be a shopping website or a social networking site. Also, you can utilize this for the other services of Microsoft.

However, you could be thinking, how can I log into my outlook email? Detailed subsequently are the procedures, one step at a time and the pictures, to help you out in having your Outlook mail.

• Go to on your web browser program, the Outlook home page.

• As soon as it has opened, you will find an Outlook sign in on the first picture. Look for the “Sign up now” link and click it.

outlook email

• Subsequently, you will find an Outlook 365 sign in page, as shown in the second picture. email

• There could be occurrences where you could see another person’s Microsoft Outlook email login and not this registration page. For this case, first sign out and then refresh the page. If you still cannot see the registration page, kindly delete the cookies, cache, and/or passwords of the web browser. Also, you can attempt to register your new email account utilizing another Internet browser program.

• On the registration page, put in the First name and Last name, your Country or Region, your ZIP code, your Gender, your Birthday, your Phone number, and your Alternate email address, if you have one.

• Consider one of the most important fields in this registration page, which is the Outlook username. This is for you to log on to Outlook mail. The look of an Outlook email address is always The only thing you can only experiment with your username. The part is similar to those who log into Outlook mail 365.

outlook sign in

• Outlook has many users all over the world. In order to be able to use your choice username, your username should be different from everyone else. Try to read on how to create a great username or even accomplish it through several tries. Outlook will see if the username is being utilized by another person. Looking for a different username may take some time and may need you to rack your brain for a couple of seconds or minutes, especially if you have a name that is common, but don’t worry and keep trying different combinations! Remember, if you will be using your email for professional purposes, keep it clean and professional sounding.

• Once you have your own Outlook username, then you did a good job!

outlook email login

• Similar to a lot of email accounts, for security and privacy purposes, your Outlook email account would need a password. Hackers or anyone on the street should not be reading your confidential and private email. Attempt to read on making strong passwords that should really be hard to figure out. When you plug in your password, dots will replace the characters. Outlook requires a password that is at minimum, eight characters in length and has at least two of: lowercase letters, uppercase letters, symbols, and numbers. You need to plug in the password again.


• Once you have made your password, type in the verification code (of course, this will change) and look for the “Create account” button and click on it. Now congratulations on your Outlook email!

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